How to choose the right neck firming Cream

It is a dismay to watch a sagging neck when you stand before the mirror. Nothing can make you look older, but for the wrinkles and the sagging skin. The next line of action would be to search for skin products that could provide a solution to the problem on hand. There is a wide range of skin care products that is available with the promise of firming up the neck skin and quite a number, with compounds such as elastin and collagen, which even a layman knows is good for the skin. But not all creams are effective. You need to prepare yourself for disappointment if you do not choose the neck firming cream with care.

Ingredients to Avoid

It would do you a whole lot of good if you ensure that these harmful substances that are usually present in the skin cream for firming up your neck and avoid those creams that have them.


Mineral oil

Mineral oil may be labeled as liquid Paraffin, paraffin Wax, and petrolatum also. Once applied, the mineral oil will not let the skin breath. It would clog the pores and prevents the elimination of toxins, which would lead irritable skin, chapping and dryness.


It is a synthetic derivative of coconut which is used in many skin care products. But 1,4-dioxane is considered as a chemical that is carcinogenic. To spend a fortune to buy skin care product with Dioxane is sheer madness.



A good skin care product should be devoid of fragrances as the ingredients and oils used to produce strong fragrances may be toxic or carcinogenic.



Paraben in the form of methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl and other forms are used in most of the skin care products as preservatives. They are added to increase the shelf life of the products. The Paraben again is Carcinogenic and it could also irritate your skin and also make it dry.



Alcohols generally make your skin dry and highly irritable. It is the case with all types of alcohols that are generally used in skin care products such as Ethanol, Ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and others.


Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10, a special emulsion form of CoQ10 which is capable of promoting collagen and elastin production is an ideal compound to lookout for in a skin cream as they can penetrate deep into the skin and effectively gobble up the free radicals that will make it an effective neck firming cream. Search for this anti-aging compound in the cream you choose.

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